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Knowledge Hub: Explore Our Resource Library

Welcome to our Knowledge Hub, a treasure trove of insights and expertise tailored for landowners and conservation enthusiasts. In our extensive collection of publications, we offer a wealth of knowledge covering diverse topics such as herbicide applications, prescribed fire, native grass cultivation, managed plans, GIS mapping, and hydroseeding.


Whether you’re delving into the intricacies of sustainable land management or seeking guidance on specific practices, our publications provide a comprehensive resource for your journey. Dive into a world of informed decision-making, ecological stewardship, and innovative land management strategies.

Deer Carrying Capacity in Mid Rotation Pine Plantations of Mississippi

Food Plots vs Managed Forage Timberlines 2008

Intensively-Managed Pine Plantations, Barren Wastelands? or Potential Deer Habitat?

Wildlife Habitat Quality Scott Edwards Thesis

Response of Timber Growth to Quality Vegetation Management in Pine Plantations

Quality Vegetation Management

Quality Vegetation Management in Southern Pines

Pine Forest Habitat Management

Managing the Family Forest in Mississippi

Managing for Multiple Use

Intensively Managed Pine Plantations

Hub and Spokes

Growing a Bountiful Habitat

Financial Returns of Wildlife Habitat Improvement Programs in Mid Rotation CRP

Financial Returns of Wildlife Habitat Improvement Programs in CRP

Estimating Financial Returns from Mid Rotation Release

Developing Pine Plantations for Wildlife

Brush Control Helps Wildlife

Attract More Wildlife Through Timber Management

Are my Pine Trees Ready to Thin

A Southern Pine Management Guide

QVM at Noxubee Refuge

A Mississippi Landowner Testimony

Wildlife Benefits from Mid-Rotation Release

BASF Conference Recap

QVM Farming for Wildlife

Arsenal AC

Mid-Rotation Release

Pine Release

Forest Management Survey

Turning Your Pines Into Growth Assets

Chopper Gen 2

SMART Herbicides

Mid-Rotation ROI Paper

QVM at Coontail Farms

Herbaceous Weed Control

Site Prep Research Report

Site Prep with Chopper


Prescribed Burning in Southern Forests

Burn to Better Browse

MFC Prescribed Fire District Offices

Prescribed Burning Safely and Legally

Fire: A Prescription for Wildlife and Forestry

Legal Environment for Prescribed Burning in MS

Potential Impacts of Switchgrass on Wildlife

NWSG Identification, Establishment and Management for Wildlife and Forage

NWSG for Mid South Forage Production

Grazing NWSG for Forage Production

Evaluating Pre-Emergence Herbicides for Establishing NWSG

Establishing NWSG For Upland Wildlife

Establishing NWSG for Mid South Forage Production

A Landowners Guide to NWSG in the Mid South

NWSG Buffer Research

NWSG Grassland Bird Field Border Research

NWSG for Erosion Control

NWSG Restoration in MS

NWSG Weed Control

NWSG and Legume Buffers for Water Quality and Wildlife Habitat Enhancement in Agricultural Landscapes